Everything You Need to Know About This Super-Food

August 2, 2021

Written by

Lucas Aoun

Founder @ Ergogenic Health

Is kale truly a superfood?


Kale is regarded as one of the most popular super foods. It is packed with various vitamins and antioxidants.


Conventional kale is now commonly being contaminated with pesticide called Dacthal. That’s a possible carcinogen (a substance capable of causing cancer) and is also prohibited from use in Europe (EWG, 2021).


Only Consume Organic Kale!


Dacthal is not something we want to be ingesting in large amounts.


It is well advised to select only organic or homegrown kale. Raw kale is a great way to slow your metabolism.


Raw kale may be more nutritious, but it may also harm your thyroid function. Kale, along with other cruciferous vegetables, contains a high amount of goitrogens, which are compounds that can interfere with thyroid function.


Specifically, raw kale contains a type of goitrogen called goitrins (Bajaj et al., 2016).


Eat only organic, well-cooked kale!


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