• Calms down inflammatory responses by (re)teaching your immune system what to fight and what to leave alone.
  • Aurum has an immunoadjuvant effect. It targets the immune cells in the lymph tissue at the end of the small bowel. Once M. aurum is detected, a chain of communication is started - passing information into the immune system as a whole, as well as to regional lymphatic systems and nerve cells which have a direct route to the brain.
  • It’s not a drug. Or a probiotic. Or a vitamin. It’s a species of environmental bacteria. And a natural medicine for anxiety and depression.

The Plunge (Ice Bath)

  • Immune system support, Increase blood flow Reduce chronic pain ,Boost your metabolism, Better sleep.
  • Boost in energy, Elevate mood, Practice discipline, Increased resilience
  • Lower inflammation, Reduce muscle soreness, Boost performance

Dynamine (Caffeine Alternative)

  • Elevated mood.
  • Fast-acting energy.
  • Promote heightened focus.

Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

  • Intense focus & drive.
  • Huge nitric oxide pump.
  • Increased endurance & power.

Oxytocin (Demoxytocin) Pills

  • Anti-stress, empathy drug.
  • Enhance the sexual experience.
  • Builds self love.

Memoprove (Neurogenesis Enhancer) N-PEP-12

  • Stimulates neurogenesis.
  • Enhances memory and learning.
  • Improves brain function.

THIAMAX - TTFD (Thiamine Tetrahydrofurfuryl Disulfide) Capsules

  • Enhance mental clarity & focus.
  • Reduce chronic fatigue.
  • Improve dopamine signalling.

CBG Extract (Isolate)

  • More potent then CBD oill.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Reduce stress.

Sperti - Vitamin D Lamp

  • Next best thing if you can't get sun exposure!
  • 5 minutes of use, every other day.
  • Proven clinical study.

Fonturacetam Hydrazide (Phenylpiracetam) Powder

  • Powerful stimulant.
  • Increases alertness and arousal.
  • Enhances athletic performance (Banned by WADA).

Cyclazodone Powder (Unique Stimulant)

  • Novel psychoactive stimulant, for energy and mood.
  • Increases dopamine in a unique manner.
  • Exhibits central nervous system stimulating properties and anorexigenic properties.

NSI-189 (Nootropic Supplement)

  • NSI-189 is a new antidepressant and cognitive booster.
  • Works differently to other antidepressants such as SSRIs or MAOIs.
  • Neurogenic wonder drug.

9-MBC Liquid (Nootropic)

  • Ultra novel nootropic like compound that may significantly change your mood and behaviour.
  • Shows potential as a neuroprotective agent.
  • Acts as a unique way to improve dopamine function and performance.

Dihexa Powder (Nootropic)

  • Rapidly restore brain damage from various abuse.
  • Enhances neurogenesis.
  • Improves dopamine & cognitive function.

Adrafinil (Liquid Nootropic)

  • Most powerful wakefulness inducing compound.
  • Increases dopamine and orexin to fight fatigue.
  • Enhances motivation and alertness.

Progesterone Powder (Australia)

  • Protective against stress.
  • The resilience hormone.
  • The calming and restorative hormone.

BrainX (Nootropic Sachet)

  • A euphoric mental boost.
  • Raises energy levels.
  • Anti-stress and nootropic effects.

Mucuna Pruriens (Dopamine Enhancer)

  • Significantly enhances mood and focus.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Very motivating and energising.


  • One of nature's strongest anti-oxidants.
  • Improves both physical and mental energy.
  • Has potent longevity enhancing effects.

Siberian Ginseng

  • Improves stress tolerance and adaptation.
  • Increases wakefulness and perceived energy levels.
  • Enhances exercise performance.

Caffeine/NALT Solution

  • A clean stimulant for mental and physical energy.
  • Increases motivation, drive and arousal.
  • Fights against the harmful effects of sleep deprivation.


  • May support feelings of relaxation, without causing sedation.
  • Improve mental flexibility and clarity.
  • Increase alpha waves in the brain.

Cortex Labs

  • A stimulating and wakefulness promoting, nootropic formula.
  • Significantly improves brain function and performance, even at baseline.
  • Facilitates greater attention, focus and mental clarity.


  • The ultimate memory enhancing compound.
  • Up-regulate acetylcholine content in the brain, leading to greater mental agility and performance.
  • Synergizes with any other stimulant and cholinergic.


  • Shut off the mind.
  • Reduce excitatory neurotransmitter signalling.
  • Improve sleep architecture.

Pine Pollen

  • Contains plant based steroids that support your body's hormonal balance.
  • An ancient superfood, that has a plethora of healthful properties.
  • Extremely balancing and restorative,

7,8 Dihydroxyflavone

  • Sharpens cognitive function, via multiple well established mechanisms.
  • Naturally derived, with rigorous scientific research as a trending nootropic.
  • Potential function as a mood-brightening agent.


  • Ancient herbalism to up-regulate energy levels, in the modern world.
  • Optimises all hormones associated with longevity and performance.
  • Deeply nourishing and restorative tonic.

9-MBC Powder (Nootropic)

  • Ultra novel nootropic like compound that can significantly change your mood and behaviour.
  • Shows potential as a neuroprotective agent.
  • Acts as a unique way to improve dopamine function and performance.


  • The premium hormonal optimiser.
  • Longevity powerhouse and performance.
  • Recharge and perform with deep, non-caffeinated energy.


  • Promotes adaptability to stress.
  • Regulates hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • Promotes longevity and overall health.