This Lowers Cortisol by 21%...

July 18, 2020

Written by

Lucas Aoun

Founder @ Ergogenic Health

The longer you stay in a natural, outdoor, green environment, the further your cortisol level drops, write psychologists from the University of Michigan in Frontiers in Psychology. Let’s take a look:⁣⁣

Researchers organised 36 test subjects. The researchers took a little saliva before and after the stay in nature, in which they determined the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol (Hunter et al., 2019).⁣⁣
With every hour that time passes during the day, the cortisol level drops by around 12 percent. If the test subjects stayed in nature, the cortisol level dropped even faster. Then the cortisol level dropped to a maximum of 21% in some individuals!⁣
Cortisol, can be manipulated, simply by our environment! As they say, getting out in nature is good for us… This could possibly be why. I am sure there are many other physiological changes that occur as a result of being out in NATURE. ⁣Who’s with me?⁣

The next best strategy is to use an earthing/grounding mat, DM me for more information. ⁣

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