Don't Get "Sunlight" Like This!

August 14, 2019

Written by

Lucas Aoun

Founder @ Ergogenic Health

▶︎ Do you regularly expose your skin to the sun penetrating through the window/glass?
Always thought this would be a good way to get your Vitamin D?

▶︎ Sun exposure through windows is in fact, harmful to you. Apart from using the sun through the morning window to “wake you up” and entrain your circadian rhythm (Body clock), it appears that there are some serious dangers to sustained exposure to sunlight behind a window.

❖ Avoid tanning through a window as it will increase your skin cancer risk. Because the UVA has a longer wavelength, it can penetrate materials more easily, and when the sun is filtered through a window, this effectively filters out the majority of UVB radiation, but only minimally filters out UVAs. What's the significance of that, you ask?

▷ It's important to remember that vitamin D3 is formed from exposure to UVB rays, whereas UVA radiation actually DESTROYS vitamin D. This helps keep your body in balance; it's one of the protective mechanisms your body has to avoid overdosing on vitamin D when you're outside. However, when you're exposed to sunlight through windows -- in your office, your home or your car -- you get the UVA but virtually none of the beneficial UVB.

This can lead to significant health problems, because in addition to destroying vitamin D3, UVA's also increase oxidative stress. UVA is one of the primary culprits behind skin cancer, and it increases photo aging of your skin.

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