Inclined Bed Therapy: The Best Free Sleep Hack.

January 20, 2020

Written by

Lucas Aoun

Founder @ Ergogenic Health

👉 Inclined Bed Therapy. This ancient strategy used by the Egyptians, has the potential to enhance your sleep and overall health, in many ways. And it’s entirely FREE. Let’s take a look… ⁣

When we lie down and are horizontal, the heart and head⁣ are on the same plane. This cancels the effects of gravity on brain⁣ circulation. Blood from the heart pumps powerfully into the head⁣
without gravity's resistance, increasing intracranial pressure (Bragin et al., 2011). ⁣

-Deeper sleep⁣
-Better circulation⁣
-Reduced Night-Time Urination⁣
-Enhanced Pulse Oxygen Saturation levels⁣
-Reduced Acid Reflux/Heartburn⁣
-Reduced Migraines⁣
-Reduced Sleep apnoea⁣
-Reduced Back Pain⁣
-Reduced Varicose veins⁣
(DM me for references/citations).⁣

When you sleep, cerebrospinal fluid (the fluid that surrounds and runs through your brain) works with special brain cells called glia to flush out debris/waste that has built up in your brain during the daytime. The process is called glymphatic drainage, and it’s one of the most important aspects of sleep (Aalling Jessen et al., 2015).⁣

It should be noted that the blood-brain barrier cannot function properly when pressurized. Excessive intracranial pressure can cause leaks in this barrier by expanding the capillary basement membrane, allowing heavy metals, e.g., aluminum and mercury, as well as viruses and bacteria, to enter the brain that would have otherwise been excluded (Bragin et al., 2011).⁣

Try elevating the base - head end -  of your bed by 6 inches/15cm. You can work your way “up” to this height. It appears that Inclined Bed Therapy can provide incredible benefits to us all, for free. ⁣

References available on request.

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