Kion Clean Protein

"Rich, Velvety Protein for Unshakeable Performance"

Premium, grass-fed, whey protein isolate powder for powerful muscle growth and serious recovery.



Kion Clean Protein

can help you:

Enhance Recovery, Build Lean Muscle Mass, Satiety and Healthy Weight Management

Introducing Kion Clean Protein. The cream of the crop of whey proteins.

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  • You deserve a clean, delicious, high-protein powder that’ll build your best body from the inside out.
  • Indulge in rich chocolate or smooth vanilla—flavored with organic natural flavors, Himalayan pink salt, and stevia. Or, opt for unflavored, for you purists out there. Clean Protein has absolutely no artificial sweeteners and 80 calories per serving.
  • No Antibiotics or Growth Hormones

How to use

Kion Clean Protein

Simply, mix one (1) level scoop of Clean Protein in water, smoothies, or your beverage of choice and enjoy the delicious, velvety flavor. Clean Protein anytime of day but if you’re interested in promoting muscle protein synthesis and improving recovery you can consume Clean Protein 30 minutes after exercise. We recommend taking only one serving per day.

General population:

You can take Clean Protein as needed or as a daily protein boost. For best results, take one level scoop of Clean Protein once per day with water, a smoothie, or beverage of choice.


Each serving contains 20 grams of high-quality protein from cows that graze on healthy pastures. The result is a nutrient-dense, protein-rich whey with virtually zero lactose, carbohydrates, or milk fat.

Need to find the right dose for you?

Consider getting a custom stack designed.

Each serving contains 20 grams /(1) level scoop of Clean Protein
mg of

Ideal for:

You can take Clean Protein at any time. Although, it’s best as a post-work recovery drink and can be taken 30 minutes after a workout.

Protein is essential for muscle growth, metabolism, sleep, immune function, brain health, and more—and most people aren’t getting enough.


Kion Clean Protein

safety and
medication interactions.

Safety assessment

Safety studies

Not available.

Medication interactions

Side Effects / Contraindications

  • Please consult your healthcare professional before making any changes to your lifestyle or routine.


  • Whey protein isolate has virtually zero lactose, so those with lactose intolerance will likely tolerate it well. Avoid whey protein of any kind if you have a dairy allergy. If you're unsure, always check with your doctor first.

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