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I want to Increase Testosterone

CreGAAtine® Supplement USA (The New Creatine)

  • 8.5 times more effective than creatine monohydrate
  • No water retention
  • 3.9x more creatine in gray matter and 1.9X in white matter.

Ice Pack For Your Balls (JetPack)

  • Boost Testosterone
  • Increases erection frequency
  • Enhances libido

Private Gym (Erection Enhancer)

  • The world’s #1 Kegel exercise program for men
  • Proven to increase erectile firmness, ejaculatory control, and overall sexual performance
  • Takes only 10 minutes/day, 3-4 times/week

Dynamine (Caffeine Alternative)

  • Elevated mood.
  • Fast-acting energy.
  • Promote heightened focus.

Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

  • Intense focus & drive.
  • Huge nitric oxide pump.
  • Increased endurance & power.

Gorilla Mind - Turkesterone

  • Enhanced anabolic activity.
  • Decrease recovery times.
  • Break through strength plateaus.

Oxytocin (Demoxytocin) Pills

  • Anti-stress, empathy drug.
  • Enhance the sexual experience.
  • Builds self love.

EMF Blocking Underwear (Get Lambs)

  • Shield for your testis.
  • Support testosterone production.
  • Improve male fertility.

Optimus Red (Red Light For Testosterone)

  • Red light targeted for Testosterone.
  • Enhances libido and sex drive.
  • Increases energy.

The Phoenix (Erection Enhancer)

  • Enhance erection strength without drugs.
  • Increase vascularity of your penis.
  • Enhances sexual performance.

Progesterone Powder (Australia)

  • Protective against stress.
  • The resilience hormone.
  • The calming and restorative hormone.

Mucuna Pruriens (Dopamine Enhancer)

  • Significantly enhances mood and focus.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Very motivating and energising.


  • Conveniently optimise Testsoterone levels.
  • Increase fertility.
  • Increase mood and wellbeing.

Pine Pollen

  • Contains plant based steroids that support your body's hormonal balance.
  • An ancient superfood, that has a plethora of healthful properties.
  • Extremely balancing and restorative,

I want to Sleep Better

Eight Sleep (Ultimate Sleep Enhancer)

  • Always the perfect temperature
  • Boost Deep & REM Sleep
  • Wake up feeling refreshed

The Plunge (Ice Bath)

  • Immune system support, Increase blood flow Reduce chronic pain ,Boost your metabolism, Better sleep.
  • Boost in energy, Elevate mood, Practice discipline, Increased resilience
  • Lower inflammation, Reduce muscle soreness, Boost performance

Manta Sleep Mask

  • Drug free sleep hack.
  • Enhance melatonin release.
  • Zero pressure on eyelids or lashes.

Magtein® Supplement (Magnesium L-Threonate)

  • Magnesium that crosses the blood brain barrier.
  • NMDA Antagonist.
  • Reduces stress.

chilliPAD (Sleep Enhancer)

  • Optimise sleep, drug free.
  • Regulate body temperature to enhance deep sleep.
  • Improve circadian rhythm.

BPC 157 Capsules

  • Capacity to heal muscle injuries, tendon and ligament damage.
  • Extremely neuroprotective and restores the mind from abuse.
  • Helps GI issues such as bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhoea.


  • May support feelings of relaxation, without causing sedation.
  • Improve mental flexibility and clarity.
  • Increase alpha waves in the brain.


  • Super powerful anti-oxidant to promote optimal support for the entire body.
  • Powerfully lowers stress and increases alpha waves in the brain.
  • Increases physical performance and possess unique nootropic properties.

I want to Reduce Brain Fog / Think Better

Prime Time (Anti-Aging Formula)

  • Boost Autophagy & Promote Cellular Renewal
  • Support Memory, Cognition & Brain Health
  • Support Cardiovascular Health

Akkermansia Muciniphila Probiotic (Insulin Sensitivity)

  • Heal leaky gut.
  • Enhance insulin sensitivity.
  • Reduce inflammation.


  • Thiavite B-Complex contains a full spectrum of B vitamins, including the highly bioavailable vitamin B1 derivative thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide (TTFD), along with additional CDP choline and R-lipoic acid.
  • This complex is designed to complement Thiamax through providing supportive nutritional vitamin cofactors, yet it can also be consumed independently as a standalone multi-vitamin.
  • Adequate amounts of B vitamins in the body are essential for optimal physiological and neurological functioning.

The Plunge (Ice Bath)

  • Immune system support, Increase blood flow Reduce chronic pain ,Boost your metabolism, Better sleep.
  • Boost in energy, Elevate mood, Practice discipline, Increased resilience
  • Lower inflammation, Reduce muscle soreness, Boost performance

Kion Clean Protein

  • Enhance recovery
  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Satiety and healthy weight management

Kion Aminos Powder

  • Stay energized*
  • Boost athletic recovery
  • Support lean muscle mass

Dynamine (Caffeine Alternative)

  • Elevated mood.
  • Fast-acting energy.
  • Promote heightened focus.

Alcohol Defense

  • Wake up refreshed after drinking.
  • Avoid stomach upset caused by alcohol.
  • Replenish pyridoxal 5-phosphate levels.

Sabroxy® (Oroxylum Indicum)

  • Dialled in focus & motivation.
  • Enhances cognitive function.
  • Immune system, skin & inflammatory support.

Gorilla Mind - Smooth

  • 8+ hours of smooth focus.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • No jitters.

C60 (ESS60) Capsules (Anti-Aging)

  • Potent anti-aging supplement.
  • Enhance stress resilience.
  • Fight disease.

Regenerative Peptide Serum (Healing Blend)

  • Rapidly heal the body from injuries.
  • Anti-aging and regenerative properties.
  • Anti-inflammatory.

JBSNF-000088 Capsule Blend (Fat Loss)

  • Accelerate fat loss.
  • Fight insulin resistance.
  • Improve body composition.

Memoprove (Neurogenesis Enhancer) N-PEP-12

  • Stimulates neurogenesis.
  • Enhances memory and learning.
  • Improves brain function.

Repair & Recovery Peptide Blend (TB-4 + BPC 157)

  • Repair and heal like a wolverine.
  • Rapidly heal injuries and strains.
  • Enhance immune function.

THIAMAX - TTFD (Thiamine Tetrahydrofurfuryl Disulfide) Capsules

  • Enhance mental clarity & focus.
  • Reduce chronic fatigue.
  • Improve dopamine signalling.

Racetam Nootropics (Complete Bundle)

  • The original nootropic family.
  • The most well known 'smart drugs'.
  • Enhance executive functioning, memory & verbal fluency.

Fonturacetam Hydrazide (Phenylpiracetam) Powder

  • Powerful stimulant.
  • Increases alertness and arousal.
  • Enhances athletic performance (Banned by WADA).

J-147 Nootropic

  • Extremely neuroprotective.
  • Fights neurodegeneration.
  • Modern nootropic.

Cyclazodone Powder (Unique Stimulant)

  • Novel psychoactive stimulant, for energy and mood.
  • Increases dopamine in a unique manner.
  • Exhibits central nervous system stimulating properties and anorexigenic properties.

NSI-189 (Nootropic Supplement)

  • NSI-189 is a new antidepressant and cognitive booster.
  • Works differently to other antidepressants such as SSRIs or MAOIs.
  • Neurogenic wonder drug.

Bemethyl (Synthetic Adaptogen/Bromantane Alternative)

  • Enhances the stability against physical loads.
  • Synthetic adaptogen with a significant capacity to improve physical performance.
  • May possess antihypoxic activity.