Ebook: Boost Your Brain

A beginner’s guide to leverage the power of Nootropics for ultimate brain enhancement.

What nootropics are and how they work.
How to start using nootropics for productivity enhancement.
The biggest mistakes people make when using nootropics.


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”No matter how well you sleep, how well you eat, how much you exercise… our neurochemistry ultimately determines our quality of life.”

— Lucas, Founder of Ergogenic Health.

”No matter how well you sleep, how well you eat, how much you exercise… our neurochemistry ultimately determines our quality of life.”

— Lucas, Founder of Ergogenic Health.

Time Efficient

Learn what to do and what not to do when beginning nootropics.

Conquer Your Brain

Understand different type of nootropics and how to use them.

Hidden Secrets

Discover the hidden secrets of nootropics you can't find on Google.

6 Reasons To Read This Ebook

Learn what nootropics are and why millions of people worldwide are using nootropics to their advantage.

Boost your focus and energy at work.

Slow cognitive decline and boost your memory using nootropics.

Unlock heightened mental focus and endurance using nootropics

Discover the most critical mistakes people make when getting into nootropics.

Learn about the safety of nootropics, major caveats and dosing principles.

A basic understanding of how nootropics work and how to use them to be more productive.

Boost your productivity by leveraging nootropics.

What do people say about this Ebook?

"Nootropics changed my life!"

Lucas is one of the most brilliant minds when it comes to nootropics and neurotransmitters. I follow many biohackers but he is the real deal. If you want to perform well in any social situation, this eBook is a great start.


Economist, Neuro-optimization expert, entrepreneur.

“Lucas is a brain wizard”

This ebook taught me a lot about how I can hack my brain for better performance and mood. Highly recommend it for all those true biohackers out there!


Biohacker, Blogger, Entrepreneur.

"This ebook taught me the basics of nootropics."

I learned so much from Lucas' eBook. Having only really heard about Nootropics in passing and not knowing a great deal about what they were, how they worked or how to use them, the thoroughly detailed explanations offered in this course were very helpful. There is also heaps of practical advice about which Nootropics to use for certain purposes as well as dosing recommendations and strategies.


Psychologist, Sexologist, Counsellor & Men's Coach.

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About Author

Lucas aoun

CEO/Founder of Ergogenic Health

Lucas Aoun has over 8 years of experience researching and using nootropics to boost his productivity and build his entire business from scratch. He’s a qualified Naturopathic Doctor, with a background in exercise science. Lucas is the founder of Ergogenic Health, a lifestyle platform home to the best health products from across the globe. He is considered Australia’s number 1 biohacker. He is on a mission to deliver people the most cutting edge health information that they’ll struggle to find on Google. 

Key takeaways from this book:

Learn what nootropics are and how they work: Understand the basic ways in which nootropics work in the body.

Specific mistakes to avoid getting started:  Gain insight into the biggest beginner mistakes people make when starting with nootropics.

Learn about your neurotransmitters: Uncover the major brain chemicals that influence your performance and behaviours.


$ 19.99 USD


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