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What students are saying about this Masterclass

"These are underground biohacks!"

When it comes to enhancing Testosterone, this course is definitely one of the best. I also decided to purchase the full masterclass after completing this one, and it is next-level! 3 hours worth of in-depth video content, covering literally everything around men's health.

Kyal van der leest

BHSc (Nutr) & Naturopath student.

“There's nothing like this on the web.”

I've been on the prowl for ways to enhance my hormones for the past few months for athletic performance. This course really emphasises evidence based information and Lucas, in general, is extremely knowledgable in the realm of men's health.

Jess smith

Professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Athlete.

"Lucas offers such a unique perspective."

We all know the basic strategies to improve Testosterone, but Lucas knows how to take it to that advanced level. This course explains high level science in such an easy to understand way. I highly recommend learning from Lucas, because he is super passionate! 

Stefan filippo

Health writer & Naturopathy student.

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Why Care About Low Testosterone?

Without optimal Testosterone, you are living disadvantaged. Remember when you were a teenager how much more zest, vigour and desire you had for life?  Well let's restore these same physiological parameters so you can progress in life!

Why I’m doing this Webinar

Lucas aoun

CEO/Founder of Ergogenic Health

Over the past few years, I’ve had numerous guys approach me asking for my recommendations to optimize Testosterone and erectile function.

They knew they could rely on me because of how intensely focused and passionate I am when it comes to Testosterone and male health.

I continued researching and uncovering the best strategies to implement into my own routine to keep my T levels at their peak (988ng/dl). Over time, I got routine blood work done to analyse my T levels and was always monitoring how I was feeling.

From here, I started tracking various interventions and integrating more and more research into my own experiments.

This course is specifically dedicated to men over the age of 18 that are seeking a boost in sexual confidence, masculine energy and overall quality of life. I want to give ALL men the opportunity to feel their best every single day. I want to provide them with research that they can take advantage of and manipulate their own biology to feel a certain way.

Key takeaways: Testosterone Masterclass

Testosterone Creation In The Body: Learn about how Testosterone is produced and the other critical hormones.

Specific Testosterone Boosting Foods:  This highlights specific foods that are pro-androgenic and anti-estrogenic.

Learn Which Diets Max Testosterone: Uncover specific dietary modifications that have been shown to boost Testosterone.

Herbs Men MUST Avoid: This section breaks down which herbs that are problematic for men.

Erection Hacks: A step by step guide to bring back your morning wood, erections of steel and quality.

Potent Cortisol Lowering Strategies: Explores how men can reload their erections faster, and go another round by decreasing cortisol.

Key Cause of Premature Ejaculation: We analyse one major cause of premature ejaculation (amongst many) that not many guys know about.

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About Lucas Aoun

Lucas Aoun is an aspiring Naturopath, self-proclaimed biohacker & researcher, with a passion for all things human performance and wellness. He is an ex-professional soccer player, nootropics expert, and has a background in Exercise Science. He is highly ambitious and strives to share unspoken information on various health topics that would greatly benefit mankind.

His life-long mission is to help others feel better and perform better in anything that they do.

He thrives on feedback from the people he helps. He is on a mission to provide people with the knowledge that they need to take their health into their own hands.

What clients say about Lucas

“Lucas is technical, genuine and always delivers.”

Having known Lucas for many years and appreciating his extensive research and experience backed by scientific data, I know that I can trust his advice. He is very switched on when it comes to optimizing nutrition, recovery and sports performance. His meticulous approach to formulating solutions at a very personalized level is reassuring.

Haris stamboulidis

International Professional Football Player & Columbia University Graduate in Economics.

"Lucas is very professional at what he does." 

Performing as a professional athlete, I am governed by the strict code and conduct of WADA. Lucas has advised me and helped me  with some supplementation plans to fulfil the competition and training demands in my sport. It is crucial that my career and reputation is 100% compliant and I thank Lucas for his diligent support and compliance!

Varvara lepchenko

International Professional
Tennis Player.

“He enhanced my cycling performance.”

Lucas is my go-to when it comes to optimizing sports performance. He always knows what I am looking for, and over the years has made me the fittest I've ever been. He taught me advanced performance strategies that I've never heard of. I know he is always up to date with the latest research.

Giovanni ross

Professional Road Cyclist & RMIT Honours Graduate in Applied Sciences.

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