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What students are saying about this Masterclass

"Lucas is very passionate about health."

I'm always looking for ways to improve my own wellness and this sleep course really helped me improve my own sleep. Lucas is very passionate and knows how to break down complex ideas into easy to understand content. Learnt a lot!

isabel lucas

Worldclass actress & environmentalist.

“These sleep-hacks blew my mind.”

Lucas' insight into health optimisation is cutting edge, his research and experience enables him to give sound, quality information, and relay it back to his audience in a way that is easy to understand and take on board. I was able to implement some of the strategies that he suggested. From this my sleep has improved, allowing me to have better energy throughout the day and increased mental focus.

Zoe Jordan

Personal Trainer/Mindset Coach.

"Sleep optimization = Life optimization."

If you've always wanted to tap into that extra 10% you didn't know you had, this masterclass is for you. The tangible benefits that have come about from implementing what I learnt from Lucas' Sleep Masterclass have been life changing. Not only was it incredibly simple to understand, but it's also rich in practical tools and tips.Thanks to Lucas and his masterclass, I am now the most energetic, calm, focused and productive I have ever been!


Podcaster, PT, & Registered Nurse.

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Why care about good sleep?

Without good sleep, you will always be on the back-foot. You can feel the pain behind your eyes just reading this statement, can’t you? Remember when you were young, sleep was ever so easy.  Well let's re-create these same dynamics so you can progress in life!

Why I’m doing this Webinar

Lucas aoun

CEO/Founder of Ergogenic Health

Having acquired insane amounts of research and knowledge in the realm of sleep hacking, I decided to showcase my knowledge by putting together this sleep course.

There’s a very clear reason I decided to start with sleep.
A few years back, I was constantly seeing my mum struggle with poor sleep and noticed how much this was affecting her life; it significantly reduced her quality of life; she had no energy to exercise, her mood was flat, she had issues with snacking on sweets and was struggling to tolerate stress at work.

From here, I wanted to provide people with rapid biohacks they can implement into their lifestyle so that they can see subjective improvements in their own sleep.    
For the past few years, I became a relentless self-experimenter and subjected my body to countless biohacks to gauge the impact of various interventions on my own sleep quality. This was combined with objective data via Oura ring stats.

You really just need to know one thing: Sleep is and should be the FIRST thing you try to optimize, regardless of your health goals, age, and overall wellbeing.      

Key takeaways: In this Advanced Webinar

Understand The Consequences of Poor Sleep: Provides you with the logical and scientific understanding on how sleep compromises your life.

Apply 4 Key Elements That Contribute To Optimal Sleep: An integrative breakdown on the 4 key elements that one needs to focus on.

Practical Sleep Latency Solutions: A short series of applicable hacks to reduce the time it takes for you to fall asleep.

Practical Sleep Duration Solutions: A short series of applicable hacks to increase sleep duration.

Practical Sleep Quality Solutions: A short series of applicable hacks to support sleep quality.

Practical Sleep Consistency Solutions: Focuses not only on achieving one single good night's sleep, but regularly achieving this.

Sneak-peak Masterclass Biohacks For Optimal Sleep: A mini teaser for the advanced course to come.

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About Lucas Aoun

Lucas Aoun is an aspiring Naturopath, self-proclaimed biohacker & researcher, with a passion for all things human performance and wellness. He is an ex-professional soccer player, nootropics expert, and has a background in Exercise Science. He is highly ambitious and strives to share unspoken information on various health topics that would greatly benefit mankind.

His life-long mission is to help others feel better and perform better in anything that they do.

He thrives on feedback from the people he helps. He is on a mission to provide people with the knowledge that they need to take their health into their own hands.

What clients say about Lucas

“He really does know his stuff when it comes to performance.”

I reached out to Lucas after I heard him give a talk at Elite Training Sports Med Gym in Melbourne. I have been working with him and he has made a huge difference to my overall health. He really does care about helping people.

Furkan Demirkaya

Internationally Recognised Professional Boxer.

“He is incredibly passionate and analytical.”

In such a short time Lucas has discovered and put measures in place to alleviate long term health issues that at times have been extremely debilitating for me. I have already come to trust Lucas’s advice without thought and I am in such appreciation for the fact that he genuinely wants to discover the root of the cause, and create the most positive outcome for his clients. His extremely professional and thorough approach and ability to investigate and look at multiple avenues has me excited for the future ahead on a health and wellness front.

Cassandra Cruttenden

Qualified Myotherapist & PT.

“Lucas is very professional at what he does.”

Performing as a professional athlete, I am governed by the strict code and conduct of WADA. Lucas has advised me and helped me  with some supplementation plans to fulfil the competition and training demands in my sport. It is crucial that my career and reputation is 100% compliant and I thank Lucas for his diligent support and compliance!

Varvara lepchenko

World Professional Tennis Player.

Advanced Masterclass With Cutting Edge Hacks To Optimize Your Sleep, Tonight.

Enroll now for instant access to:

Deeper Sleep.

Enhanced R.E.M Sleep.

Waking Up With More Energy.