Learn how to use herbs, supplements, nootropics and research compounds to take control of your personality and cognition.

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What students are saying about this Masterclass

"Nootropics changed my life!"

Lucas is one of the most brilliant minds when it comes to nootropics and neurotransmitters. I follow many biohackers but he is the real deal. This course is the FIRST one on hacking your personality for a better social life and career. This is groundbreaking knowledge that costs a fraction of the alternative - experimenting for years and wasting thousands of dollars. If you want to perform well in any social situation, this course is everything you need.

Solomon poon

Economist, Neuro-optimization expert, entrepreneur.

“There's nothing like this on the web.”

Lucas' nootropics course is full of highly researched information, and he makes it really easy to understand. This course taught me a lot about how I can hack my brain for better performance and mood. Highly recommend it for all those true biohackers out there!

Glucose goddess

Biohacker, Blogger, Entrepreneur.

"This course taught me how to hack my mind."

I learned so much from Lucas' Nootropics course. Having only really heard about Nootropics in passing and not knowing a great deal about what they were, how they worked or how to use them, the thoroughly detailed explanations offered in this course were very helpful. There is also heaps of practical advice about which Nootropics to use for certain purposes as well as dosing recommendations and strategies.

Cam fraser

Psychologist, Sexologist, Counsellor & Men's Coach.

Why Care About Cognition?

Without optimal cognition, you are living disadvantaged. Do you remember the times in life where you felt switched on, relaxed, motivated and in flow?  Well let's restore these same physiological parameters so you can progress in life and reach your peak!

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Why I’m doing this Masterclass

Lucas aoun

CEO/Founder of Ergogenic Health

Having acquired insane amounts of research and knowledge in the realm of nootropics, I decided to showcase my knowledge by putting together this course.

When I say nootropics is my passion, I mean it! I literally wake up every morning, and the first thing that I check is my PUBMED notifications (yes- I’m a bit of a geek) to see new studies and papers published on this very topic.

I also noticed that over the years, as I started publishing more content around the web, such as Reddit, Instagram and some other forums, people were asking me for advice on specific nootropic stacks. Then I realised that people need serious support in this area.

There’s so much confusion in the nootropic/biohacking sphere. My job is to make it simple and easy to understand. To consolidate 1000's of hours of research into scientifically validated methods you can apply NOW.

What clients say about Lucas

“Lucas is technical, genuine and always delivers.”

Having known Lucas for many years and appreciating his extensive research and experience backed by scientific data, I know that I can trust his advice. He is very switched on when it comes to optimizing nutrition, recovery and sports performance. His meticulous approach to formulating solutions at a very personalized level is reassuring.

Haris stamboulidis

International Professional Football Player & Columbia University Graduate in Economics.

"Lucas is very professional at what he does." 

Performing as a professional athlete, I am governed by the strict code and conduct of WADA. Lucas has advised me and helped me  with some supplementation plans to fulfil the competition and training demands in my sport. It is crucial that my career and reputation is 100% compliant and I thank Lucas for his diligent support and compliance!

Varvara lepchenko

International Professional
Tennis Player.

“He enhanced my cycling performance.”

Lucas is my go-to when it comes to optimizing sports performance. He always knows what I am looking for, and over the years has made me the fittest I've ever been. He taught me advanced performance strategies that I've never heard of. I know he is always up to date with the latest research.

Giovanni ross

Professional Road Cyclist & RMIT Honours Graduate in Applied Sciences.

Key takeaways: What you get for $597 USD

Understand Your Brain Chemicals: Provides you with a logical and scientific explanation on various neurotransmitters.

Dopamine Increasing Module (Valued at $299) : An integrative breakdown on most advanced nootropics and compounds to increase alertness, focus, attention & ADHD.

Nootropics Memory Masterclass (Worth $199) : Learn which nootropics scientifically support long term and short term memory.

Learn Which Nootropics To Avoid: Know which nootropics you must be extremely careful of.

Nootropics Vendor Black book (Valued at $249) : This course breaks down some of the world class manufacturers and vendors for each nootropic.

Complete Alcohol & Drug Alternatives Module (Sold at $129) : Know which nootropics can be used to replace alcohol, providing you with that social lubrication and confidence you’re seeking.

Nootropics For Athletic Performance Schedule (Worth $379): Understand which nootropics and compounds can enhance your exercise regime and performance.

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