Your Blood Test Does Not Lie

Using labs with the highest levels of accreditation, Marek Health has the ability to decode your health, with a concierge service of practitioners who can analyse and review your results.


Hundreds of Tests

Easy and flexibile scheduling

Get Your Results FAST

Doctor Giving You A Headache?

Struggle no more...

Here's the difference:

Through Your Doctor

Difficult negotiating 

Doctor may not send results


Results may get lost

No direct help provided

Through Marek Health

Select whichever test you like

Results sent directly to you


Easy access to your blood test results (Trackable)

Professional interpretation

Types Of Health Tests

USA Testing Facilities


How It Works

1. Search For Your Desired Panel

With a great range of tests covering many health goals, there's no debating what you're allowed to get tested with your doctor anymore.

2. Blood Draw

Find the nearest diagnostic center in your area and schedule an appointment to get your blood drawn.

3. Security and Assurance

Marek offers medical expertise in your back pocket: An opportunity to optimize your health regardless of your circumstances.