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May 16, 2019

Written by

Lucas Aoun

Founder @ Ergogenic Health

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of Bee Pollen are? Let’s dive deep and take a look at what the science tells us:⁣⁣
Owing to its nutritional and tonic properties as well as improvement of blood supply to nervous tissue, pollen boosts mental capacity and strengthens the nervous system weakened by stress or overworking. Therefore, pollen is effective in treating physical and mental over tiredness, asthenia, and apathy (Komosinska-Vassev et al., 2015).⁣⁣
As all of you should be aware, the liver is something that needs to be nurtured… DAILY. Otherwise, your energy levels will drop, your skin will worsen, and you may experience frustration/anger more frequently (Scholes et al., 2013). ⁣⁣
Bee Pollen can support liver function and can boost glutathione levels and reduce oxidative stress (Pietrzyk et al., 2016). ⁣⁣
Bee pollen has been used for years as an exceptionally nutrient-rich health food. Bee Pollen improves muscle protein and energy metabolism through Interfering with the mTOR signalling pathway and influences mitochondrial activity (Salles et al., 2014). ⁣⁣
Dr. Peter Hernuss at the University of Vienna’s Women’s Clinic conducted a study involving 25 women with inoperative uterine cancer. All received radiotherapy. The 15 who took 20 grams of bee pollen three times a day tolerated the radiation much better than the ten who took no bee pollen.⁣⁣
Perhaps a teaspoon of bee pollen per day can help you with your health & fitness goals? It can be easily used in smoothies and other dishes. Caution is advised, as some can be allergic to it. Enjoy this healthy functional food!⁣⁣
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