PEMF Therapy - An Under-Utilised Strategy For Improving Wellness.

October 29, 2019

Written by

Stefan Filippo

Article at a Glance

  • PEMF therapy has a wide range of uses from pain reduction, better blood flow, improved healing and better energy
  • The body is accustomed to the 5-30Hz frequency from PEMF machines, this same range of frequencies are emitted by the Earth
  • By restoring cellular voltage and improving ATP production, PEMF therapy stimulates the body’s innate healing mechanisms

First off, PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field.

A couple of years ago I began to hear about PEMF therapy from the likes of Ben Greenfield and Luke Storey.  Earlier this year, at my Osteostrong clinic, I had my first experience on a PEMF mat (the Omnium).  I would feel a very subtle pulsing sensation on the mat and would usually hop off it feeling very relaxed.  After about 12 weeks of using it and some research, I decided it was a fantastic long-term investment in my health and bought one!

But enough about me, you came here for the PEMF.

What is it being used for?

  • Reducing pain
  • Healing soft-tissue injuries faster
  • Repairing bone and improving density
  • Improving energy levels
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Improved blood flow

How does it work?

The reason PEMF therapy has such a wide range of uses is because it works on restoring health at the cellular level so that the body is better able to do what it needs to do.

PEMF therapy emits low frequencies of electromagnetic radiation in pulses, that bypass our skin, reaching the cell and working their magic on us. 


Aren’t EMFs harmful?

EMF or electromagnetic frequencies are a broad spectrum of frequencies.

Most PEMF technologies emit on the very low end of these frequencies, usually between 5-30Hz, mimicking the frequencies humans would be accustomed to, these same frequencies are emitted from the Earth.

The many mechanisms of PEMF

In his book, PEMF - The 5th Element of Health, Bryant Meyers, outlines the following ways PEMF affects the body;

  • Recharges the transmembrane potential (ie restores cellular voltage)
  • Increases ATP production in the mitochondria
  • Enhances the sodium-potassium pump
  • Increases cellular pH to makes the cells and body more alkaline (double-check)
  • Improves oxygen uptake and assimilation into the cells
  • Lowers blood viscosity and improves circulation and microcirculation
  • Creates a healthy level of electroporation (openings in the cells for improved nutrient transport and elimination)

At a basic level, PEMF therapy improves the cell’s ability to function, bringing in more of the good stuff (oxygen and nutrients) and helping to remove the cellular wastes to ultimately improve energy production and allow the cell to function closer to its optimal level.

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-Stefan Filippo

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