Feel Your Best Every Day By Raising Dopamine Like This.

October 28, 2019

Written by

Lucas Aoun

Founder @ Ergogenic Health

Most people are under the impression that Dopamine is the chemical released in our brain whilst we do something pleasurable. This is FALSE. Dopamine, is a chemical that is released in the anticipation of pleasure. The actually pleasurable experience is actually controlled mostly by the opioid network.

Dopamine is what signals ‘value’ to invest energy into anything.

The brain then utilises acetylcholine to get the the fruit of the labour across, and acetylcholine gets all the memory sustained attention focus to act upon something.

Dopamine makes you addicted to wanting to improve yourself, eat healthy, be active, wanting to explore.

But, we’re being told dopamine promotes addiction to drugs, food, bad behavior, etc. But that’s incorrect. It’s a dysfunctional dopamine system that leads to overeating on yummy tasting foods that sends the consumer into euphoric heaven.
Taking that first bite of the food from a fast food joint is like taking a hit of cocaine. So why does junk food even taste so good, or why does it make some people feel so good? It’s because they have LOW dopamine.

People with obesity and diabetes have low dopamine levels. Thus every dopamine releasing stimulus they get is huge, which is reinforcing. In a normal healthy person with high dopamine, every dopamine releasing stimulus they get is much smaller, which also gives pleasure, but to a much more controlled level.

Dopamine is responsible for determining salience.
This chemical is released in response to receiving a stimuli, remembering anything that might be related to that stimuli, figuring out how to deal with the stimuli and finally in the expectation of what will happen now that you've dealt with the stimuli.
Dopamine let's us encode what's important (i.e. what to attend to) and what's not (i.e. what we can ignore and still be fine). Drugs of abuse cause massive availability of dopamine (either directly, like amphetamines, or indirectly like alcohol). Also, dopamine is released in response to aversive stimuli as well. So you can think of dopamine as being really important for learning new things and ranking them based on importance.

Increased dopamine via releasers or by an agonist effect, would increase risk taking, which is why it may temporarily help depressed people reach for their unpredictable goals. They feel more manic and risky.
Many regions are designed like dopamine filters to create a kind of cellular politics. Dopamine is voting. Action is the votes that win and make it to muscles. First layers are very thought based.

And our thoughts are not very different from muscles being stimulated. They are just groups of cells being stimulated. I mean, clearly I don't mean every dopamine receptors is motivation.

So how can I naturally optimise my dopamine levels?
This was my mission. I wanted to formulate something that would naturally optimise one's dopaminergic system, to provide them with amazing energy, focus, mood and motivation on a daily basis, with compounding benefits over time.
I spent 2 years researching and developing the formula and tested it out on different demographics.
I finally found what I was looking for. And I am extremely proud of what I created.


You see BrainX works in a very unique way to optimise dopamine levels.
Firstly, it works on restoring dopamine receptor densities which are often down-regulated from years of abusive activities and behaviours. It then targets the re-uptake of dopamine acting in the a different manner to typical SSRI's, which make you NUMB, robotic and emotionless.

It is specifically designed to make you feel:
-More motivated.
-More outgoing/social.
-More energised.

Try it for yourself and see how quickly you will fall in-love with BrainX.

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