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October 5, 2020

Written by

Lucas Aoun

Founder @ Ergogenic Health

👉🏽ALMONDS are a healthy snack. But are you aware of what it’s doing to your GUT health? Let’s take a look:⁣⁣
Significant increases in the populations of Bifidobacterium spp. and Lactobacillus spp. were observed in fecal samples as a consequence of almond consumption (Liu et al., 2014). ⁣⁣
Almonds induce changes in bacterial enzyme activities, specifically a significant increase in fecal β-galactosidase activity and decreases in fecal β-glucuronidase, nitroreductase and azoreductase activities (Liu et al., 2014). Remember I did a post back on Calcium D-Glucarate, it appears almonds may be able to help this process too (DM me for more info). ⁣⁣
Almonds are known to have a number of nutritional benefits, including cholesterol-lowering effects and protection against diabetes. They are also a good source of minerals and vitamin E, associated with promoting health and reducing the risk for chronic disease (Mandalari et al., 2008).⁣⁣
Almonds can represent another tool in our box to enhance gut health and improve the microbiome. They possess important health benefits. Who’s with me?⁣⁣

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