Chaga Mushroom Health Benefits

April 20, 2020

Written by

Lucas Aoun

Founder @ Ergogenic Health

👉🏽CHAGA MUSHROOM (Inonotus obliquus).
Let’s dive deep…

It is a a very potent immune modulator that recovers the bone marrow system damaged by chemotherapy. The immunomodulatory activity may be due to the potentiation of the host immune system through the regulation of cytokines in the cytokine network (Yeon-Ran Kim, 2005).

ORAC simply stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.
Basically all the super foods you read about will use this as a scale to assess the POTENCY of a compound’s antioxidant potential.
🥇Chaga = 3,655,700 ORAC
Acai Berries = 80,000 ORAC

-Goji Berries = 40,000 ORAC

-Prunes =  5,890 ORAC

-Pomegranates = 3,370 ORAC

-Blueberries = 2,450 ORAC

Unfortunately there is not enough research as to how exactly chaga impacts the brain/neurotransmitters. My suspicion is that it interacts with the GABAergic network or the serotonergic system in some way (Aoun, 2019). It has been said that this mushroom reduces pineal gland calcification. Remember this is where MELATONIN is produced. Wild dreams anyone?

Chaga mushroom possesses extremely powerful healing properties to the body. For some people, it provides them with clean energy, whilst for others it promotes relaxation. Some people are sensitive to the oxalate content.

(This is not medical advice)

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