This Drug Can Boost Motivation?

June 26, 2021

Written by

Lucas Aoun

Founder @ Ergogenic Health

Do you experience a lack of motivation?


Do you procrastinate, give things up easily, and often don’t see the point in doing something?


There’s something that could help you.


Just imagine this…


A drug that could boost motivation. You could finally get the motivation and drive you are looking for to accomplish everything youset out to do.


It does exist, but 99% of the population has never heard about it.


It’s called Bromantane.


It’s considered a synthetic adaptogen (not dissimilar to Rhodiola, Ginseng etc.).


Bromantane has been used by Cosmonauts, soldiers and athletes to combat both physical and mental stress. Here’s why…


·       Bromantane enhances motivation/drive

·       Increases exercise performance

·       Reduces inflammation

·       Stimulates the immune system

·       Protects against stress

·       Reduces laziness/procrastination

·       Increases sex-drive

It can provide a human with everything he needs to achieve the most.


How does it work?

Dopamine is significantly enhanced by Bromantane.


It does this through a Non-Depleting manner, via enhancing the actual enzyme (Tyrosine Hydroxylase), which converts Tyrosine into L-Dopa, and subsequently dopamine (Oliynyk et al., 2012).


Taking 25-50mg daily appears to have the best effects for most individuals.


Bromantane can be life changing for people with low motivation, low drive, and lack of THRILL.


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Buy Bromantane.

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